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Updated odds to win and new rules for the 2020 MLB season

The MLB has officially announced its new plan for the 2020 season, and it has definitely shaken things up regarding future bets, as it’s a whole new ball game we’re talking about. This was one of the hardest deals to get, at least that we know of, and it’s because of the high number of games that are usually played, 162, vs. the number of games that will be played in 2020, which is only 60. Salary wise, the players were looking for more games to be played, but due to safety concerns, the league was looking for a shorter season. In the end, Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred had the final word, and the deal was signed, that’s why we’re finally getting our Opening Day on July 23rd or 24th.

Remember the full season was set to start way back in March, and right before was when the pandemic hit the country and sports had to stop. All future bets were cancelled and now that there is a plan again, lines are starting to come up and favorites are starting to show up in the MLB, thinking of a 60-game season and playoffs, of course.

Who is favorite to win the 2020 MLB season?

There are two teams that stand out way above the rest of the field in the odds to win the World Series 2020, we’re talking about the LA Dodgers and the New York Yankees. There is no surprise here, as we already knew how solid both teams’ roster was from before, and they were both originally favorite as well when the odds were up or the full season. However, we all know sports are not a certain science, and there are always other candidates that will make the season interesting, so, here’s the updated list:

Odds to win the 2020 MLB season

  • LA Dodgers +285

  • NY Yankees +350

  • Houston Astros +950

  • Minnesota Twins +1500

  • Tampa Bay Rays +1800

  • Oakland Athletics +2300

  • New York Mets +2350

  • Cleveland Indians +2400

  • Cincinnati Reds +2700

  • LA Angels +2700

The rules of the game have changed – MLB 2020

It’s also good to remember that, for this short 2020 MLB season some of the rules have changed and they will affect the way we bet on them and the way we see the sport, at least for this year. These are some of the rules to take into consideration:

  • Both American League and National League will have designated hitters.

  • Extra innings will now start with a runner in second base for each team.

  • Pitchers must face at least 3 batters of finish a half inning.

  • Spitting is now prohibited, but chewing gum is allowed

  • Pitchers are not allowed to lick their fingers to wet the ball, but they can carry a wet rag for moisture.

  • Dugouts and bullpen space must be expanded.

  • Players will be tested every other day.

  • There will be a “Covid-19 Injured List”.

  • No fans.

These are some of the new rules we will see once the 2020 MLB season starts, and those are the favorites to win it all. Are you ready to play ball?