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Software Suites Out There

There were already a lot of bookie software solutions on the market, but that number has climbed up rapidly, as more bookies are setting up shop to take advantage of legalization.

While some software solutions for bookmakers are outdated and lacking features, some existing services and new services are coming out with advanced features for the modern bookie.

It’s not really difficult to switch to a new sportsbook software suite, so it’s a good idea to always do some annual research to find out what new features you might be missing out on.

If your sportsbook software provider is stuck in the past, ditch them before it’s too late.

Start Offering Online Poker

You’re not going to become the next PokerStars, but having a poker room offers multiple benefits.

There aren’t many robust betting software suites offering online poker software.

  • No Risk: With poker, you’ll make money off the rake and you’re never at risk of losing. It isn’t going to get better than that. While the profits are small, they’re risk-free.

  • Build a Community: You can host a weekly or monthly poker tournament to help build up a community with your players. A low buy-in tournament can build brand loyalty.

  • Engagement: The more your players have to do on your website, the less likely they are to require any other gambling sites. Keeping your players engaged is a tough battle.

Sports Simulations Run 24/7

Does your sportsbook software provider have sports simulations running 24/7?

This new market became extremely popular in the last year. Millions of gamers play NBA 2K, FIFA, Madden and others sports games. These same gamers are also willing to bet on these sims.

Only the most robust sportsbook software suites have implemented sports simulations currently.

Access the Back End

The back end is more important than the front end in a lot of cases.

Make sure you access a demo of the back end to view the features. There are numerous features you’re going to want to look for when checking out the back end demo.

  • Betting Profiles: It’s important to be able to build custom betting profiles for everyone. Some players will require different limits, so creating individual profiles is ideal.

  • Reports: You’ll be using the reports on a daily basis. You can also perform your month-end accounting using the reports. You don’t need to track anything on your own.

  • Tools: There will be various bookie tools that you can utilize, such as a live bet ticker. You can even set-up real-time alerts to be notified of any big bets while you’re busy.

Sportsbook platforms continue to improve and innovate.

You need to make sure you’re giving yourself the best chance at succeeding. That means you need to be using the best sportsbook software with all of the features discussed above.

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