Price per Head Sportsbook Bookie Software - $10 per head


PPH Services you Should Be Looking At

Every successful bookie uses the best PPH bookie service. If you are a local bookie that’s looking to expand, you want more from your business, and you want a great income, then finding a great PPH provider should be a top priority. What the PPH does for you is give you an immediate online presence. They offer the software to do your job for you while leaving you as the boss, and in total control. Nowadays, the cost of launching a website, (especially a gaming site) costs a small fortune. You will need coding skills, site building skills, programming skills, marketing skills. Chances are, you probably don’t have the skills, or the money needed. Now, the best PPH providers are offering a FREE, custom-built gaming website that comes with everything you need to operate as a successful bookmaker.

  • The best PPH services on the internet are now offering you a complete package deal for around $7-$13 per head, per week. What this mean is this… You will have an exclusive .com address that’ built into a gaming website for you and your clients. The website comes completely free. You will not pay one penny for the PPH to build it, service it, and maintain it.
  • The website comes with a state of the art sportsbook that offers all of the best features that gamblers are looking for such as a huge wagering menu and tons of daily side bets on every sport known to man. They also offer a Las Vegas-style casino that gives your clients more than 100-games, the hottest slots, all of the favorite table games, and live dealers. To boot, you also get a world-class racebook that features more than 75-tracks from around the world. The racebook pays track odds, in real-time.
  • The website is sleek with a fantastic user interface that makes gambling easy and smooth. The PPH offers servers that have a redundancy rate that allows the site 99.9% “up-time”. Your site will never be down, it will always be available to your client whenever they want to use it.
  • You have to do nothing! All you need to worry about is managing your players and taking deposits. The PPH will help you with great deposit choices or you may choose to accept cash as you have always done with local clients. The PPH will also help you find great payout solutions if you choose to payout electronically.
  • The PPH provides on-demand reports that include all player and financial data. Managing your players has never been easier than it is now with PPH software. If you want success as a bookie and if you want to earn big profits, then you must manage your players well. You must know where every dollar goes and when every dollar comes in. You must know who is beating you, and who is losing.
  • The PPH set all of your daily sporting event on a user friendly webpage that’s easy to follow and read. You will be offering the best wagering options such as all of the daily side bets, the daily prop bets, futures bets, and every which way possible to bet on all of those sports. They also calibrate the casino so thay you have no work to do. All you have to do is fire up your laptop, mobile device, or your desktop and click on the app.
  • The best PPH providers offer the world greatest customer service with a 24/7 hotline for you and your clients. They can call in their bets, they will have live agents that speak English and so will you.

The PPH takes all of the hassle out of being a bookie. They do your daily job for you. They set all of the day’s lines and odds but leave you in control to change any of them at any time or to not offer any event you choose. If you are willing to set a wager minimum in the sportsbook, then you have covered the cost of your weekly PPH fee. A bookies life can be a downright hassle. Why put up with this any longer? There is a small fortune to be earned from gaming profits, but you will not see it if you keep walking this trail alone. Call the PPH today.