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Owning A Sportsbook: Is it Right for You?

The gaming industry was huge 2-years ago, now it’s even bigger and the gap is not close! The recent pandemic changed how people gamble and it changed how bookmakers do business.

• Owning a sportsbook can be a challenge, but it can also be highly rewarding. We must remind you of the fact that many people get confused about the difference between a sportsbook and a gaming site.

• They certainly go hand in hand and more often than not, bookie that operate an online sportsbook, they also operate an online casino and/or racebook. There is no reason to not have all three gaming genera. You can easily and affordably operate an online gaming site, the best thing, it can be operational in a day or two with no upfront cost. The best pay per heads are offering to build your gaming site for FREE.

• How long has the parent company been in business? This matters for more than a few reasons but number one would be are they legit? Many of the new and “up and coming” PPH providers are fly by night and you simply don’t want to do business with them for five minutes! They talk a good game and they take your money and then you never hear from them when you need them.

• Do they offer a 24/7 800 number that’s accessible from the United States? Can you call them at any time of the day or night for free? What about the agents, are they gaming knowledgeable and do they speak good English? Where are they located? Are they located in the Americas or are they in the Middle East or India? You absolutely do not want any part of any PPH that’s based in Europe or Asia, most of them are complete scams and the ones that are not a scam, good luck getting ahold of them.

• How much do they charge? Your warning sign is $3-$4 per head. A great PPH will charge what they are worth. Never, ever pay pennies on the dollar for a PPH provider – they are a scam.

• Not all of the PPH providers charge extra for this service, however, there are a few great ones that do, paying for this service is not a bad thing. The rule of thumb when paying per head fees – never pay more than $15 per head. Our preference is in the $7-$10 range, that’s an affordable number.

• Do they have a great reputation? Bookies know who the best PPH providers are, find bookie forums and ask around. Do they have a great reputation for having the best customer service and the best user interface on the internet? What about their wagering platform and betting menu? Does it rival any sportsbook that you can Google in five minutes? If the answer is no, then find someone else.

• What about “up-time” and security. Will they crash before a big event or big game? You can’t do business with a PPH that isn’t online. This means you are potentially losing thousands of dollars, and you certainly don’t want to do business with a PPH that sell your clients info and has a reputation for being hacked. Stay away.

Now that we have shown you the ropes, you have no excuse to not start your new business venture today. Owning a sportsbook is right for you if you want to earn a six-figure income, it’s right for you if you love the gaming industry but want more out of it. With the best pay per head providers, you get the best rewards, and the best benefits. You get the best customer support, and you will have all of the tools necessary to earn big profits. Best of all, you don’t have to do all of the leg work, the PPH does it for you. They set everything up and arrange all of the details. Now, you have time to manage your players and find new ones. Stop selling yourself short and jump in for what’s sure to be a money-making venture. Have you ever wanted to be a “venture capitalist?” Now you can be with a pay per head.