Our Services

Our highly professional staff is committed to provide price per head agents and bookmakers with the highest standard of customer satisfaction. Players have 24/7 Internet and phone access to a full array of wagering options on sports, horses and casino games, while bookmakers have 24/7 Internet and phone access to our comprehensive and second to none up-to-the-minute reporting system.

$10 Per Head For All These Features

  • $10 Per Head(Same price for 1 or 100 players)
  • Process game results immediately so you have up to the minute transactions
  • 24/7 Phone and Internet services with Perfect English speaking clerks
  • We take all your player’s bets online or via phone
  • 24/7 Online access to accounting reports on your players
  • Separate Toll-Free numbers for both you and your clients
  • Same betting software used by the major online sportsbooks
  • We take the bets & do all the accounting reports for you
  • Live in game betting on major sporting events 24x7x365
  • Ability to change lines and limits per player
  • Ability to regulate your own lines and odds
  • Take and record your player’s calls
  • Most complete wagering menu available!
  • Pay Only for active players
  • 2 week Free Trial Offer
  • Sports, Horse Racing and Casino Games
  • Live Chat Support
  • Post Lines