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Online Services

Bookies offer different gambling experiences. You can access most online bookmakers on your phone.

Some of them have unique betting markets that you can explore. In this post, we discuss four popular online bookie services.

1. User Experience for Phones and Laptops

Statistics state that over 35 percent of the global population own at least one smartphone. Some people have several phones that they use to communicate with family and friends, record business transactions, and gamble. You can easily access a bookie online if you have a steady internet connection.

Online services from a reputable pay per head (PPH) shop are easy to manage. You can visit a particular bookmaker’s website and get all information about the gambling services that it provides.

Some websites have different sections that you can click. They include weekly customizable bookie reports.

You can adjust their sizes to fit on your desktop’s or mobile phone’s screen. Inquire if the PPH company provides a free trial to test its services.

For instance, you might want a particular number of steps in a report. Thus, you are likely to choose the right service if you can take a few steps to get detailed betting information. Avoid tools that have lengthy logging-in procedures.

Most sportsbook software are portable as you can use them at home, in a hotel, or at the office. You just need to log in to your PPH account.

2. Casino and Sports Gambling

An ideal online bookie service should enable you to promote your business to all gamblers rather than restricting you to sports punters. You can pay an additional weekly fee to access the casino and different sports gambling lines. It will help you increase your profits without incurring extra costs.

You can use part of the revenue you generate from the casino to pay the extra gambling solution’s fee. This formula is ideal for startups as it helps you expand your business as your clientele grows.

3. Player and Agent Menus

Many pay per head firms offers bookmakers exclusive access to their software. They have two menus including:

  • Players’ menu: you can get a simple menu from offshore PPH services. Players can select their favorite sports leagues and get various gambling lines. You can select a straight wager, or combine various lines in a combo like a teaser and a parlay.

You will receive a bet slip once you confirm your action. Players’ menu allows punters to get action without calling you.

  • Agents’ menu: you can monitor all activities when punters place a casino, horse betting, or sports action. The menu offers real-time results and you can customize it using smart filters.

 You can check data by currency, player section, and dates. Besides, you can verify the data to enter the right transaction records.

4. Call Centre for Phone Punters

Some gamblers opt to call a bookmaker’s customer support to place bets over the phone. So, it is advisable to subscribe to a PPH company that offers exceptional phone service.

For example, many Costa Rican pay per head companies charge an affordable fee and they are located in decent buildings. They have trained clerks who use high-end telephones and computers.

A clerk will use various tools to process bets when a player calls in. Besides, many call center clerks are multilingual and are fluent in English.

This will allow punters from other countries to wager at your bookie. Moreover, the clerks have vast experience in different casino games and sports.

Most bookmakers have built mobile gambling platforms that allow punters to wager and play games from anywhere. Some of them manage their operations while others hire pay per head agents. They have call centers, agents’ and players’ menus.