Price per Head Sportsbook Bookie Software - $10 per head


Living through the change

What change? It’s no secret, times have absolutely changed, and what we have been through since March of 2020 is enough to help us understand that doing business on most any level, has indeed changed. The sportsbook, and the online gaming industry is no exception. Chane occurred, and it’s still evolving. The gaming world in general has changed drastically, and both go hand in hand. The online gaming market sets the trend for Las Vegas, believe it or not Las Vegas follows what the ‘big boys’ of the online world are doing, they follow because they know that gamblers have gone online – they had to during the shutdown. Not only have gamblers done it, but big-time bookmakers have also done it.

  • You must keep up with the demand and you must keep up with what is being offered online. Your number one goal is to keep your clients loyal and keep them coming back for more. You must have cross-action in the sportsbook, and you absolutely must have traffic in your virtual casino. How do you keep your clients in the fold? –You give them what they have been asking for, you give them what the big boys can offer them. You can’t give this as a local bookie on the block – face it – you can’t. You can’t do it as a local bookie that’s not online. NOPE, not going to happen. YOU CAN DO IT with a pay per head. Here is how…

  • Do you offer the best lines and odds? You must be on your game. You must offer competitive lines, or this is another guaranteed failure. Your players are on an ego trip, they think that “sink ships”. They sink nothing other than a lot of their hard-earned cash right into your pocket. You must feed their ego in order to keep them away from the competition. The PPH sets the daily events as well as all of the lines and odds for you. You may change any of them at any time, for any reason but you no longer have this headache on your plate every day.

  • Bet Slips: Who grades them? Well, you do of course! Do you enjoy grading bet slips? Probably not. The PPH grades all bet slips within minutes of the game/events ending. The software automatically updates the player’s account and make the money adjustment. If your client wins, you owe your player and you can either settle with them or allow them the win credit so they may continue playing without interruption. If they lose, the money is in the house and your bottom line is credited along with their account being adjusted to reflect the loss.

  • One of the biggest complaints that bookies receive is wagers not being graded in a timely manner. These people want their money back and you want them thinking they can get it back, but their account must be credited close to immediately.

  • Betting options with an easy-to-use, user interface. Sports gamblers will gamble on anything of value to them, especially desperate gamblers that are “chasing”. Offering plenty of options with a large wagering menu along with all of the possible ways in which to bet those events – is a must for every bookie.

  • The pay per head is an underrated service that we can’t talk enough about. We are not here to sell you a bag of tricks or to sell you a bill of goods that sounds too good to be true. What we have tried to do in this message is let you know that we understand how difficult your job is because we have done it. We have done it for years and before the days of the PPH being affordable – we went this gig alone. Don’t go this alone. Now, you have an affordable option. You can earn 100K + per year. You should be earning this kind of money and the PPH will help get you there.

Call the PPH, tell them you want a free gaming website, and tell them you want a free trial of the software. They will work with you and your clients will love the 24/7 gaming that you are now providing. If you want to keep your clients, give them what they have been asking for. Make the call.