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Expanding Bookie Hockey Betting Options With Pay Per Head

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As a sport, ice hockey is a bit further down the list for sports betting volume than other major sports such as football, basketball and baseball. However, the depth and range this sport has compared to the first three is bigger than most private bookies realize.

As a private bookie, creating a betting base for the NHL regular season and extended run to each year’s Stanley Cup title is a great start. However, with the right pay per head bookie software solutions provider by your side, the possibilities to expand that piece of the business are almost endless.

North American Ice Hockey

Starting with the North American leagues alone, you also have the AHL as the minor league system for the NHL. The American Hockey League parallels the NHL season with 31 teams playing in four separate divisions.

The Atlantic, North and Central Divisions each consist of eight teams with the Pacific Division containing seven teams. The players consists of vets that are just a cut below the NHL along with the league’s top stars of tomorrow. The AHL teams have affiliations with NHL teams and act as a feeder program for up and coming players. This helps to create a link between the two teams with fans and bettors. 

Avid NHL bettors would be extremely interested in the opportunity to also bet on AHL games. The top pay per head sites have access to AHL lines so you could actually build out your hockey betting board with these types of offerings.

Along with a wealth of betting opportunities for the NHL and the AHL, Canada has its own league in the OHL which stands for the Ontario Hockey League. Much like the AHL in the US, the OHL draws quite a bit of local appeal in the markets containing teams. This league is made up of four divisions with a total of 20 teams. 

This league covers many of the less populated cities in Canada with some southern cross over into the United States. While you would probably be dealing with some die hard hockey bettors when it came to generating some action on the OHL, it could still be a major point of difference and a selling point for your overall ice hockey betting options.

International Ice Hockey

Expanding your betting board to international leagues, there is almost an endless amount of possibilities. Just about every major country in Europe has its own ice hockey league and there are a pair of leagues that span Europe in general. You have the Euro Ice Hockey Challenge and the Europe Champions League.

Russia’s KHL and Sweden’s SHL attract international bettors as two of the biggest countries for this sport. Many of the top stars in these countries have gone on to make a huge name for themselves in the NHL. You could also add the Czech Republic’s Extraliga to that list and well as Finland’s LIGA.

Major international betting events for ice hockey would include:

  • IIHF World Championship
  • IIHF World U20 Championship for men’s hockey
  • Winter Olympics Men’s Hockey
  • Winter Olympics Women’s Hockey

This all adds up to a tremendous amount of opportunities to bet on the games. Building an international base for betting hockey will take some added work on your part as well as having access to a pay per head site than can provide all the betting lines you need. Yet, in the long run, this sport does have the capability of becoming a very important part of the overall profit driven by an expanded betting board.