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Casino Software Platforms

Online casinos offer big risks and big rewards for both players and operators.

As the operator, there are numerous risks associated with online casinos. The casino operates a bit differently than the sportsbook and can therefore cause confusion for those with no experience.

A player spinning online slots can win or lose hundreds of dollars in minutes.

Identifying the Best White Label Casino Software

The quality of pay per head casino software varies widely.

A lot of PPH services haven’t updated the games in their online casino software package for years. If you plan on promoting your online casino, you need a product that can compete with competitors.

These are the most important features you should look for when researching casino software:

  • Game Selection: The first things casino players will look for are what games are available and what casino software providers are playable in your online casino.

Slots and video poker are great, but to make real money, you need live dealer casino games.

The most popular live dealer casino games include blackjack, roulette, baccaray and casino poker variants. The problem is that most affordable PPH services don’t have live dealer games.

  • Compatibility: Your players are going to expect the software to be accessible on all major devices, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

If the casino software isn’t mobile-friendly, you’re limiting your earning potential.

A lot of casino players will sign-in to their accounts to quickly play a few rounds, while they’re not otherwise occupied. Most casino turnover takes place on mobile devices.

  • Casino Management: Don’t just analyze the frontend demo. Spend some time looking at the backend demo to determine whether the casino management features are up to par.

Casino management features include detailed real-time reports, allowing operators to see exactly how much money they’re making or losing in the casino and many customization options.

Want to change the limits for a certain casino game or specific player? Want to limit how much a player can win in the casino on a daily or weekly basis? These features are vital to have.

Benefits of Promoting the Online Casino

There are some risks to operating an online casino, but the benefits far outweigh any risks. With the proper set-up, including reasonable betting/win limits, many risks can be mitigated.

Here are some of the biggest benefits to promoting your online casino alongside your sportsbook:

  • Year-Round Passive Income: The great thing about online casinos is that they’re essentially passive income, as you don’t need to monitor the odds, grade bets or anything else.

Casino players also play year-round unlike some sports bettors. You may have a great NFL season, but if income craters after the Super Bowl, you’re out of income for half of the year.

If you even have ten casino players that regularly play, you’ll have passive income coming in most weeks. If you plan to operate year-round, it’s imperative you promote your casino as well.

  • Profit Potential: It only takes one whale (casino player that bets big sums) to make big profits in online casinos. There are many online casino players that lose five-figures annually.