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Are Mobile Platforms Friendly

A mobile platform is essential in today’s world. Gamblers are like everybody else, they are busy, they are on the go, and they want what works for them right now. First and foremost, you must be online, to begin with. If you have not yet leaped to the online world as a bookie, then we have a few great suggestions to help your business grow as you have never experienced. There are many ways to get online and most of those ways are through a difficult and expensive process. We want you to think about and consider what a pay per head can do for you.

  • The pay per head is easily the best way to land an online presence. They are affordable, and they will have you operational in a day or two. No matter how many clients you have or don’t have, the PPH will work with you. They do not care if you are large or small, what they care about is giving you the best service available so that you can give your clients what they have been asking you for.
  • The PPH will custom-build a gaming website that works for you. The best PPH providers are offering this service for free. They do not and will not charge for this service. There is no upfront cost involved with joining a PPH. They earn their profits from your weekly PPH fees. This fee is charged to you when your active clients are betting.
  • You will never pay a fee for an inactive player and you will only pay one fee per week for an active player. It does not matter how many bets they make in the sportsbook or how much they gamble in your online casino or racebook. The gambling is unlimited for one weekly PPH fee. The best PPH providers are charging in the $7-$13 per head, per week, range.

The Best Benefits:

  • This is where a great “Mobile App” comes into play. You must have one because your clients want it, they are demanding it. Now that you know you need to be online; you must also choose a PPH that offers only the best and most reliable mobile platform.
  • One of the reasons you are losing clients and/or struggling to keep them is for the simple fact that you are not online. Players want to play when they want to play, and it matters not what your business hours are. They want to play on their time, not on yours.
  • Now, you can offer this service, and to boot, you can offer them a Las Vegas-style casino along with a world-class racebook. You must offer these options, or your players are off to the competition. REMEMBER, you are never competing with online bookies, you are competing for your clients. You must keep them honest; you must keep them faithful. It’s a guarantee, they will not stay faithful if they can’t bet 24/7, and if they have limited betting options. What do you have to offer them without an online presence? Nothing.
  • Players love to use their mobile devices for everything and if you have a fantastic app, they will bet much more than ever before. It’s easy to jump on the phone and make a quick bet – it’s mobile! They have their phone with them everywhere they go.
  • The PPH offers you the best player management tools so that you can focus on player management instead of “busy work”. The job of a local bookie is not easy. You must be available for phone calls at all times and you must sett the daily events along with all of the lines and odds.

Stop the madness and find the best PPH providers on the internet and sign up today. Now is the time to change how you see the bookmaking business and life. If you want to earn a six-figure income, you can, but you must be willing to make a few changes. The PPH is an entity that will help you build a brand, not simply a quick buck today, and gone tomorrow. Your players want conveniences such as the best mobile app online and they will love your decision to take this online. Call the PPH today and turn this maddening year around!