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Bookmaking Services

An ever-increasing popular venue for local bookies is to contract their bookmaking services out. What does this mean? This is saying that bookies are busy, and bookies live in a demanding world and this bookie business may not be the only gig a bookie has going on. Bookies need someone to help them along the way and a reliable, but affordable source to help them earn maximum profits. Bookmaking services such as Realbookies “pay per heads” are now making this popular, affordable, and easy to get started with. If you have ever thought that you need help, or that you need an online presence, the PPH industry is not only the right choice, it’s the only affordable choice available. Let’s explain…

  • Finding an online presence is not as easy as you may think it is. The process is expensive unless you are an experienced coder, site builder, and programmer. Not to mention “marketing genius”. You will need all of these attributes if you choose to go this process alone and you will need a boatload of time and money! 

Think of building a bookmaking website like this:  Conduct an organic Google search right now. Take a five-minute break from reading this and go ahead – conduct your search. Search for “online sports bets”, you will find a plethora of them in about 10-seconds. Open at least 2-3 of them and peruse the site quickly. What do you see? You see extensive, complicated, thorough, a complicated but easy to use interface, you see an organized sportsbook website that is set up for any gambler to join and start betting within 10-minutes. 

The websites that you are looking at right now, is exactly the model you need for your online bookmaking site. This is what bettors are accustomed to and this is the type of site they respond to. 

Now imagine if you will, how long did it take the developers to build these websites? It took hundreds of hours and untold thousands of dollars. Building a website of this nature and marketing the site for visibility is not an easy task and it doesn’t come cheap. 

  • You are not looking for an online presence to keep up with the “Joneses”, you need an online presence to keep your current clients in the fold. Why? Your clients can just as easily conduct the Google search that you conducted. The difference is, they will deposit and play. You must keep your clients “in house”.
  • The only way to keep your clients “in house” is by offering them a 24/7 gaming opportunity. 
  • With a good PPH you can offer them 24/7 gaming and you can offer it in a day or two and you have to do nothing. You can offer the kind of site that you just Googled. You can offer that kind of site for around $7 per head, per week
  • The PPH charges by the head or for every client that bet with you, they charge one time per week and the best gambling software providers are charging between $7-$10. You pay one time per week and the player may gamble in the sportsbook, the casino, or the racebook. They will have unlimited gaming opportunities. Best of all you keep all your profits with a pay per head.
  • The PPH takes care of everything for you. They custom-build your website, they set up what sports you want to offer from the USA and around the world, and they set the daily lines and odds. They also accept the player’s wagers on the site itself or over an 800 number that’s available to your clients from the United States. 
  • The PPH offers you and your clients 24/7 customer service with gaming-knowledgeable agents that speak English. You will no longer have to be available to your clients at all hours of the day and night. 

The PPH offers you the best of three worlds with a fantastic sportsbook that offers all of the best wagering options, along with a Las Vegas-Style casino and world-class racebook. You get all three plus access to on-demand players and financial reports. Now you can focus on keeping track of your players, setting limits, and knowing where every dollar is spent and won. Call the best PPH provider and ask for a free trial. Turn your profit margins around and start earning what you are worth.