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Opening a pay per head account to outsource your bookmaking business is faster than ever. As a sports agent, you will have access to cutting-edge PPH sportsbook software that will help you to expand your business considerably by providing you with accurate player data, reports and statistics.

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  • 24/7 non-stop Call Center
  • Secure and User Friendly
  • Many Sports Offerings & Reports
  • American / European odds
  • Live Betting (Live In-Play Wagering)
  • Lines Control (sides, totals, ML’s)

We can proudly say that we guarantee 99.9%. Our IT team has certified engineers that have years of experienced in the gaming industry. We also have in-house programmers that take care of our software platform.

We also take service seriously and we guarantee your players will never have an issue placing a wager with us and they will always receive VIP treatment from our qualified customer service agents.

Start your business TODAY! Call Us Toll-Free: 877-386-0180. Our highly-professional, English-speaking customer service/support team at Price Per Head 247 is available 24/7 to assist you and your players

Key Fetures
Manage Your Players Detailed information for all your players

Managing a player account can be frustrating some time, but, on this TAB the agent will be able to set all basic limits on a player accounts, credit limit, max and min wager amount, enable and disable access and also change the player password when needed.

Manage Your Finances Keep track of your players

Knowing your financial capacity will allow you to set limits for each player according to it, the system allows the agent to change the limits on an account whenever the agent needs it.

Agent Exposure Breakdown fo players and sub-agents

The Agent Exposure report shows the action taken on specific sport and game. It can be filtered by sport, for today, this week, and all. With this information the agent will get an idea of what he needs on a specific event.

Weekly Reports Weekly Balances and Player Totals

Weekly reports, will show the payments done by week, weekly figures and weekly bets taken on each player account, this report can be fund under the Financial Tab.

Control Open Bets Open Bets Report

In case a player request the agent to avoid an open ticket/bet this is where you need to come, this report will also show you all the open bets for each player, risk and win amount and the type of bet with full description, game date, who placed the wager, etc…

Financial Reporting See your cash flow

This report helps to keep track on payments made on all player accounts, the agent will be able to filter this report by day and Week, giving him the opportunity to always have access to the record of each adjustment, receipt or disbursement made on each account.

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Our offshore call center is always available for players to make wagers or to ask general client attention questions related to their personal accounts.

Players can also utilize the free website (enhanced with the most sophisticated technology) granted to the bookmaker as part of our Internet sports betting business service pack in order to make bets or check their account balance. With a variety of different templates and features, bookies are sure to get one that matches their specific needs.

At Price Per Head 247, we have made sure to take every step imaginable to protect both you and your players. No expense has been spared to ensure that we’re always available and that your clients are satisfied. We will never stop striving to improve our call center operations and technology. If you’re serious about taking your business to the big leagues, Price Per Head 247 will make it happen.